How to start a Blog/Website

Before we see how to create a blog, let’s see what a blog is. A blog is a background used by the person running the blog to share his ideas. Otherwise a platform. In other words, a website that presents or displays information. We think you now understand what a blog is. So to run this blog you must first fulfill some requirements.  There are mainly two requirements.

that is,

1 Having a unique domain name.

2 Presence of hosting.

1 Having a unique domain name.

A domain name is basically a control or knowledge system. That is, a field of knowledge identified by a name called an electrical domain. Examples are .com, .net, .org. There you can create a domain name using the examples given above using a suitable name for your blog.

We can check if the domain name you selected is currently being used by someone else. That facility is provided on our website. It can be accessed through the following link.

This has been prepared by us for the convenience of the user and it is also possible to check it through any other service provider of your choice.

2 Presence of a hosting.

Another thing is the need to get hosting to run a blog. There are many hosting providers. Most of the organizations that provide that service are based in the USA to maintain their service network.

So this hosting is the service that is provided to users all over the world to maintain/spread their website. When it comes to getting these hosting, they come in various price plans, and the web hosting service provider allows you to store the content of the website.

If you meet the above two points, it is possible to run a blog/website.

Now let’s see how to choose a domain. Before that, it should be stated that it is a very valuable decision if you use a domain to make sure that it fits the niche you want to pursue.” “

When using this domain, you can run the blog using a brand new domain, and you can also run the blog using a domain used by someone else that has been removed from use.

If you are using a brand new domain, you can check it as follows. Use the link to check if it is already in use.


If it is not in use as above it will appear as available if you can use it. If someone else is using a domain that has been removed, you can go to the following website and select it.

Now we think that you are aware of what a blog is, what a website is, how to start a blog, what are the basic requirements to start a blog, and how to get a domain.

Now let’s see the second point discussed above, how to get hosting. Before getting hosting, let’s see the importance of getting a hosting service.

  • website speed
  • website security
  • support (live chat)
  • uptime
  • other (SSL, SSD, backups)

So many important factors like the above factors affect when getting a hosting. Things like fast loading are special.

So let’s see how to buy hosting. For example, here I will show you how to buy using Bluehost.

So when you go to this website, you can take care of many types of hosting. You can read about it along with other articles on our site and get an understanding. So here’s how to get shared hosting.

Above you can see the shared hosting price plans. So you can choose a plan that suits you. And it can be taken for 12 months or 36 months. So what is missing here is the first price plan. After it is loaded

Above will show you a place to apply the domain. There you can create a brand new domain and continue or continue with the domain you have already taken. And don’t forget to set it to “.com” or whatever you want.

Enter the domain that was removed as above and proceed. ( “” ) is given as an example.

After that, a form will appear to fill in your details and use your details to change the relevant plan of the package information. After that, you can see how much you have to spend on hosting annually.

After verifying the correctness of the relevant facts and work, you can press the submit button.


Further checking of your domain name can be done through the above website.

If you agree to the privacy policy and fill out the form correctly, it will show success as above.

After that, press the “create your account” button and proceed. After that, it will appear to apply a password for privacy as below, put a good password in it, and set up the account.

After a few minutes, it will be set up correctly and you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you entered after confirming it you can log in to the hosting dashboard.

Now we know how to get a domain. And we know how to get hosting right. At the same time, one more thing needs to be said, every hosting is obtained in the above way. But there are only minor differences. ( Bluehost is given as an example. You can use anyone you like. )

After getting the hosting, you can now log in to the hosting account. There is an opportunity to enter and go to the c panel.

WordPress installation

You can see an option called blogs here. We need to click it and move on. After that, you can now install WordPress as follows. After proceeding, you can now see the following.

After that, a small form will appear in which you need to fill in the basic information required to install WordPress as follows.

So, in the first one of the software setup, when filling the chosen installation URL, make sure to select it as https://. The reason for that is that it meets one qualification while getting SSL. Then the other side will show the domain name you have chosen.

The next step is to use the site name in the site settings. And the site description can be used. Even if it is not applied, it can be changed later. So don’t be hasty.

Enter admin username, admin password, and admin email in the admin account. (Be careful about the password.) As mentioned above, after all the activities, click install below. After some time, WordPress will start installing. Now you can see how it is displayed below.

If WordPress has been installed successfully, you can go to the link https://yourwebsitename/wp-admin/ and then you can easily navigate to the dashboard where you can create a WordPress website as follows.

So now we have successfully completed the basic requirements to create a website or a blog, you can create a website after a few minor tasks.