It is to be released at the end of October – iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The latest iPhone expected to be released by the Apple company is called iPhone 14 pro max. First of all, if there is any error in this recommended article, it will be posted accordingly.

So when talking about the latest iPhone, it is given as the release date in the market at the end of October or in the first few weeks of November. (unofficial) There is a possibility that the time may change.

Looking at the main differences here, the RAM, display, and camera are different from the iPhone pro max, and the 13 is different from the pro max.

While talking about those features, let’s look at the RAM first. According to unofficial sources, the RAM here is 6GB.

Regarding the camera, according to the information received so far, the camera of the iPhone 14 pro max is believed to have a 48 M Pixels camera, challenging the camera of the previously released 13 pro max. (It may happen in a certain way, but there is a little doubt that it will go to the same amount of M Pixels.) However, it is still rumored that a 48MP main camera will be coming. (According to the source of the information) And we all know that the quality of the camera is not equal to the number of pixels. An example of that is that although the number of pixels in the iPhone is reduced, the quality of the photos is not reduced.)

When paying attention to the storage here, it is rumored that it will start with 128GB. However, like every other iPhone, the storage starts with 64GB, but it is believed that the storage of the newly released iPhone 14 Pro Max will start with 128GB. Also, although the iPhone 13 Pro Max has 3 cameras, it is possible to increase it to 4 here.

Talking about the display here, the display type is a super retina XDR OLED display. You can usually expect these changes in iPhones when they are newly released. And the display here is 6.7 inches, screen resolution of 1284x 2770 pixels, and an aspect ratio can be 19:5:9. It measures 160.8 mm in height, 78.1 mm in width, and weighs around 228g.

Also, when looking at the chipset, it can be seen as an (upgraded to) A 16 chipset. Regarding the battery, it has a capacity of 3687 mAh, and the other important point here is the network. Sources say that the network here will be 5G.

So, in relation to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is to be released, these are the points to talk about. It is likely to be compatible with certain amendments.

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